Pamela & C.J. Packaging

Pamela and C.J. left an indelible mark on both Simon and Tim, teaching them the benefits of hard work, being a good person and the importance of family.

These wines celebrate Pamela and C.J.’s enduring legacy and the impact they had on the Wicks tribe.

Pamela is dedicated to Pam Wicks for all the years she dedicated to the family. This is a wine made for celebrating life’s special moments and achievements. A wine to support any good gathering, much like Pamela did herself!

The C.J. Wicks range honours Simon and Tim’s mentor, friend and late father, C.J. Wicks. Entrepreneurial, social and outgoing, C.J. taught them that lasting happiness comes from helping others. The pair continue to learn and live by his mantra—work hard, play hard and always be brave.

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