Her Launch Campaign

With a clear strategy, brand and identity established; we set our sights on helping Dr Carmel Cocchiaro-Desyllas digitally launch her new women’s health business—Her.

The digital communications campaign was two-fold. It intended to launch Her to the general public but also ensure existing patients, followers, and referring doctors were aware of Dr Cocchiaro-Desyllas’ move from an existing practice to that of her own.

The first step was to create and manage an outreach campaign for existing patients, providing a smooth transition. Given the new branding was established by this point, we opted for an MMS campaign.

This allowed us to reach a maximum number of patients immediately whilst also including an animated GIF—thus familiarising patients with the new Her brand look and feel.

We then planned, designed and managed a social media launch, revealing the new brand to her existing Instagram and Facebook following.

This content provided a second visual reference point for patients who had already received the MMS notification prior.

We then created additional printed and EDM communications for Dr Cocchiaro-Desyllas’ network of referring general practitioners. Designed and written to reflect the new branding, they detailed Dr Cocchiaro-Desyllas’ move and offered insight into the new Her team, specialisations and extensive list of services.

To support the campaign and facilitate ongoing value to Dr Cocchiaro-Desyllas and her team, we set the business up with a 12-month calendar of key dates and opportunities, a content starter guide and various editable social media and Mailchimp EDM templates.

We then provided training and handover so that the Her team could manage and grow their social reach and engagement without our assistance, moving forward.

Google ads continue to drive 30% of the website traffic.

It was important to the launch of the new business and brand that it, and the specialists involved, were visible in search results immediately.

We developed a Google Ads campaign that focused on highly relevant keywords and ad messaging that appealed to their audience and represented the new brand.

This campaign provided instant connection with the new website and began collecting and converting new enquiries.

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