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Following our initial strategy and brand work for Her, we were tasked with creating a website for the new offering. Like all other brand touchpoints—from uniforms to interiors, the Her website needed to exude the calm and nurturing essence of a high-end day spa while also driving direct enquiry.

Our solution was to design and build a custom WordPress site. This approach enabled us to convey large quantities of vast information in a highly visual, palatable and adaptive manner.

Colour, tone of voice and emotive photography were all used to enhance the brand’s messaging and provide assurance to women of all ages coming to the site with various health concerns.

Direct enquiry was encouraged by placement of subtle call-to-action buttons on almost every page of the site. These CTAs were customised and followed the natural flow of the user experience, so they felt like logical steps for the user, rather than anxious leaps.

A custom enquiry form was also developed and implemented, further supporting the user experience by removing the often arduous task of trying to articulate the reason for contacting a medical professional.

When users click any of the Her call-to-actions, they're presented with a pre-populated and prompting natural language form in the same tone of voice found across the rest of the site.

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