Dr George Balalis Strategy

In 2022 Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgeon Dr George Balalis decided to start his own practice. One that would emphasise his tailored approach, differing from the traditional offering of most bariatric surgeons—who tend to speak almost entirely to their credentials and procedures without bringing their patients into the equation.

To fully understand what Dr Balalis was offering and how his new practice would differ, we began workshopping his vision with him and his practice manager, wife Alexia.

During these interactions, we uncovered a great deal about Dr Balalis. In addition to being an accomplished Bariatric, Upper GI and General Surgeon, he also offers keyhole and non-invasive surgery. And his approach is patient-centric, cross-disciplinary and encompassing of non-surgical approaches.

Yet, these meetings revealed something even more valuable. And that is George’s personability, compassion and dedication to his patients’ ongoing and holistic wellbeing at every step of their journey—not just their surgery.

Informed by this insight, we devised a strategy centred around his patients. We created a positioning that spoke directly to their needs with empathy, compassion and a genuine desire to see them transform their lives and achieve long-term success.

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