Lois by the Lane Packaging

The Australian sparkling market is extremely competitive in the $25 category, with large volume brands and a conservative category look influenced by the popularity of Champagne design cues. The Lane Vineyard’s Lois has long held a reputation as one of Australia’s most popular sparklings in this category, offering quality well beyond her price point.

However, the pandemic’s impact on on-premise wine sales was felt immediately and forced The Lane to future-proof Lois by expanding into retail channels. A move that had to be implemented carefully, so as not to adversely affect her on-premise position.

Workshops with the brand owners, distributors and club members helped us understand what was working, what wasn’t and where the opportunities were strongest.

Lois’ portrait was maintained as the packaging’s focus, but completely redesigned to better reflect her innermost qualities and strengths.

New look Lois attracts attention by being true to herself. She celebrates her unique personality and home of the Adelaide Hills—cool, crisp and contemporary.

The reaction to the new look was so profound that for the first time, Lois’ demand outstripped supply—The Lane are now busy planting new vineyards.

Colour is always a powerful brand asset. And, it was the clear blue sky over Adelaide Hills on a perfect Spring day that served as our colour inspiration for Lois.

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