Regional Range Packaging

Gemtree’s owners, Mike and Melissa Brown, are on a mission to help save the earth, and have designed their business to nullify, and indeed, reverse its environmental impact. We designed every aspect of their brand identity to tell this important story—packaging included.

Gemtree's Regional Range of wines is the centre of gravity for the brand, it’s very backbone. It was vital that this range communicated Gemtree's unique story and philosophy.

Straight up, the label looks different to every competitor other on the shelf—not only is the brand name positioned at the base of the label it is cut off!

The copy that weaves around the label, prompting the consumer to pick up the bottle and read it, tells the story of Gemtree's environmental credentials and their belief that it’s what you can’t see below the soil that is so important to the vine, the quality of it’s fruit and the resulting wine.

Healthy soils equal happy vines and delicious wine.

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