Poppies of Remembrance

Amongst the briefs a graphic designer secretly dreams about, designing a stamp ranks pretty high. The limitation of scale demands a clear idea and visual brevity. We were honoured when approached by Australia Post to create the 2023 Remembrance Day stamp collection.

The brief, precise, yet significant—design a stamp collection that depicts the red poppy (for those who served), the white poppy (for civilian casualties) and the purple poppy (for animals in war), and communicates the meaning behind their symbolism.

Our solution uses silhouetted portraits, depicting those each poppy represents, as overlapping petals. Each poppy, although abstracted, is immediately recognisable. But on closer inspection, the petals of each flower speak to the symbolism and poignancy of meaning. The black background gives each illustration maximum standout and symbolises loss and deprivation. 

A truly unique and memorable project that we’re proud to share.

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