Strategy vs Tactics

Do you do digital? Can you help us with Instagram? Do you know how to run a pop-up? Webinar? These are the sort of questions we're asked in initial meetings with prospective clients. And the answer is yes, we do all of these things. But it's important to understand that these are all tactics, and we need to start with strategy. 

So what’s the difference between strategy and tactics?

Strategy involves planning and research, knowing your competition and being absolutely clear on your unique position in the market. It's about understanding your customer and what they want from you. It’s about setting quantifiable targets to meet business goals. Whereas tactics are the means to reach these goals or get you from A to B. 

A beautifully designed label is not a strategy, but a tactic to validate brand positioning. A curated Instagram feed is not a strategy. It is a tactic to build awareness with a particular market segment. An online sales platform is not a strategy, but a tactic to grow sales by exploiting a new channel. 

So before we talk tactics, let's talk about your proposition and create your strategy. Then the tactics come.

Matt Remphrey

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