Brand = Reputation

Even though the concept of brand seems to be fairly well understood, we still come across many drinks business owners who think their brand is simply their logo or label. It's not! This is only the outward manifestation of brand. And if you haven’t done the hard yards to define your brand, then your logo, label and packaging won’t help.

Think of brand as reputation. It is something that precedes you in the mind of others. In fact, it’s what they say about you when you’re not in the room. No amount of telling people what you stand for, or what your purpose or mission is will influence their perception. Only your actions can change or cement, how people see you.

Reputations are built on behaviours. But behaviours don’t just happen either. Attributes describe who you are. Values drive what you will, or more importantly, won’t, do. Personality and benefits dictate why you do it. And personality determines how you will do it.

Values, purpose, benefits and personality collectively govern behaviour, which in turn builds reputation.

This is your brand.

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