One for Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, and we’re using it to highlight the incredible work of our long-time client, Oxford Landing.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Oxford Landing, with the company planting an acre of native bushland for every acre of vineyard they’ve planted since 2007. As a result, Oxford Landing is today surrounded by over 215,000 native bushes and trees. Combined with its sustainable winemaking practices, water and energy-saving initiatives, and use of recycled and lightweight packaging, Oxford Landing’s sustainability story is, and has always been strong.

But when Oxford Landing came to us to create a new brand for a younger audience of socially and environmentally minded consumers, they were not content with resting on the regeneration work they have already completed to date. Instead, they wanted to pledge a further (and greater) commitment to the wellbeing of our planet by planting another square metre of bushland for every six bottles of this new wine sold.

With this in mind, we excitedly set to work on the brand strategy. The name One to One was selected, and the packaging concept—highlighting a 1:1 ratio of bushland to vineyard fell seamlessly into place.

Oxford Landing approached Greenfleet to help activate their promise and secure the land for the new ‘One to One Bushland’. We communicated the Greenfleet partnership through the brand’s packaging. We also employed QR codes on all back labels—allowing customers to easily track the direct impact of their purchase via online real-time metrics. N.B. At the time of writing this post, we can proudly say that 8,500m2 of One to One Bushland has already been planted through the Greenfleet partnership—as a direct result of One to One sales.    

But it gets even more impressive. This month, One to One, and the team at Oxford Landing are taking their commitment even further. In honour of Earth Month, they’re planting one square metre of bushland for every SINGLE bottle of wine sold (rather than the usual six). That’s a genuine one to one ratio and a commitment we feel worthy of celebrating. Keep up the great work!

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