Parallax Turns 20

Well that sure felt like it went quickly. And didn’t.

Reflecting on 20 years and preparing this video has made me appreciate the sheer volume of work the studio has produced over this time. We have always approached each project (no matter the size ) as an opportunity to create something of purpose and value. An intent I feel is clear and consistent in our body of work.

I am also struck by how much the business has changed over this time. Not just the mechanics of doing business, because that’s changed for everyone, but the very nature of Parallax itself. For the better part of the last 20 years, we existed as a generalist branding studio working with any client, across all sectors, who walked through our door. We maintained that whilst pretty much every other profession was built around specialisation, ours somehow wasn’t.

But, our work for the wine sector was steadily growing, and a few years ago we took a leap and formalised what was happening organically—focusing on helping wine businesses become more successful and profitable. Because hey, if we had to specialise in one sector, we could do much worse than wine! This focus has not only reinvigorated parallax and its team, it’s also put us in front of clients we’d never dreamed of working with. And proved pretty liberating.

Lastly, I’m reminded that each and every project represents a client entrusting us to add value to their business, cause and/or brand. An honour that is not lost on me, nor one that I’ll ever take for granted. Thank you all.

—Matt Remphrey

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