Temple Bruer

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Temple Bruer is an Australian pioneer in organic and sustainable viticulture and winemaking. Established by David Bruer, it is the only Australian winery that is both 100% organic and carbon neutral. Whilst the wines were consistently attracting awards and accolades, the brand and packaging had been neglected and showed no appeal to a younger audience. David Bruer is a scientist. His mission in life is to save the Earth. It is what drives every decision he makes in the vineyard and winery. His organic farming methods are backed by scientific enquiry and rigour. David views the ecosystem of the vineyard holistically, encouraging native flora and fauna to protect his vineyards naturally. And the results demonstrate themselves in the health of his soils and vines, the quality of his fruit and his delicious wines. The labels adorning this range of wines pays homage to these vineyards, their inhabitants and the science of sustainable farming.

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