Penley Estate

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Late in 2015 we travelled to wine regions around Australia intent on understanding what problems local producers were facing, whether they were unique to those regions and why some regions seemed to be fairing better than others. In particular, why were two of Australia’s most famous Cabernet regions, Coonawarra and Margaret River, facing such markedly different demand for their wines. Was it wine style? Changing tastes? Brand? Or a mixture of all three? From this, an opportunity to work with an iconic Coonwarra wine company who was also pondering the same questions, emerged. Penley Estate was in the midst of change, and asked us to help with completely relaunching their brand. We took this opportunity to not only relaunch Penley, but to present Coonawarra Cabernet in a far more contemporary light. We refashioned their iconic sun logo as a golden orb floating across their livery and developed the Contemporary Coonawarra positioning for them. Fittingly, Phoenix was the first wine released under the new branding. Penley Estate rises again.

Scope of work:
Brand strategy
Brand architecture
Identity design
Wardrobe and Merchandise