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Orbis is a new wine brand by Brad Moyes and Kendall Grey.

Under the expert direction of Richard Leask, they employ regenerative, or circular, farming practices. This means everything the vineyard needs to maintain natural fertility and good drainage, comes from the vineyard itself. In the winter months sheep roam freely, controlling weeds and undergrowth, and adding nitrogen, good bacteria and carbon to the soil, creating natural fertility. Wood waste, grape skins, stalks and seeds are all composted to return nutrients to the vineyard. Winemakers Sam Smith and Nick Dugmore then take Brad and Kendall’s organic crop and turn it into clean, living wines on-site, using indigenous yeasts and completely free of sulphur.

The brand name developed for the business, Orbis, means circular motion. Combined with the mythical Ouroboros, symbolizing the eternal cycle of renewal, the new brand perfectly describes Brad and Kendall’s mission—leaving the world a better place than they found it.

The website features elegant scrolling interactions, reflecting the brand while educating visitors. A seamless shopping experience makes selecting and purchasing wine a simple, enjoyable experience: https://orbiswines.com.au/

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