Mitolo Marsican

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When Frank Mitolo briefed us on developing a super premium McLaren Vale Shiraz to lead his portfolio, he told us the wine was meant as a tribute to his father, Bruno. Bruno was born to a viticulturist and was raised in the Italian region of Abruzzo. He arrived in Australia aged 14, to work the land alongside his brothers. With him he brought an ethos from his homeland, the Abruzzo region — forte e gentile or strong and gentle. Bruno forged a new life in Australia that laid the foundation for his success. We named this wine after the rare Marsican Bear, native to the Abruzzo region. The same bear can be seen in the night sky over Italy forming the Ursa Major, a constellation that has been used as a navigational reference point for millennia. Marsican is a fitting tribute to Bruno and the enduring influence he has had over the Mitolo family.

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